Growing Your List Of Leads & Prospects
Your promotional goal for the lead capture offer should simply be to grow your lists of leads and prospects. This list will give you a pool of people who are interested in your topic to engage with you, and hopefully buy your products.

Your lead capture offer allows you to create and cultivate your list while working on your front-end product. So, you want to start promoting your lead capture product as soon as it’s created - even before you have any other products to sell. The sooner you start, the bigger your captive audience will be when you actually have something ready to sell.

Potential Methods
Once your lead capture article is in place you want will want to highlight it wherever you can.  For example, mention it in your email signature or in a blog post. One idea a budding infopreneur used was printing an ad for their lead capture offer on the back on their business cards. Just remember, it’s important to systematically highlight your lead-capture offer wherever you can.
If you selected a niche that you have connections with, you should reach out to those people to let them know about the free information you have available. However, when reaching out to your personal network, make sure you’re speaking to those that have interest in your topic. Other peoples' opinions may be interesting, but you really care what actual prospects think.

If you’ve selected your niche wisely, there are also places where members of your niche congregate. These places could be blogs, chat rooms, forums, clubs or associations, or even social media groups. Since you have a valuable lead capture offer available for free, going to these congregation points are a great place to let potential customers know about you and your information.
Cultivate Your List
Once you start capturing some leads and adding people to your prospect list you want to cultivate them. By doing this you keep them engaged and enhance your credibility at the same time. 

To do this, you’re going to cultivate your prospects with more content and information because this is what brought them to you in the first place. So, on a regular basis (weekly or monthly) you'll want to send your prospects an email and let them know about the new information you have available. This could be a new article or blog post that you’ve written. You could even do some research and ask your potential customers for feedback on what types of information they’re looking for. This will make the potential customer really feel engaged because you genuinely want to know what their issues are.