Our Social Responsibility

Our Social Responsibility is the ethical framework dedicated to all communities in need, be it a family or an organization. INTBU has as its ethos, an obligation to act for the benefit of the community at large.
It is this commitment every member has, as a fundamental principle, in order to maintain a balance between the welfare of our people and the communities we live in. 

It's easy if we ALL unite against racism, sexism, discrimination, xenophobia and violence, by providing lasting solutions for communities fighting poverty, unemployment, hunger and poor living conditions.
Taking our social responsibility seriously in order to make a sustainable contribution to the development and economic growth of the community is important when considering our CSI impact.

Our benefits of corporate social responsibility isn't just about doing the right thing, its also about building our reputation capital.

Our Social Responsibility In Action

INTBU promotes the active inclusion and full participation of its members in society. Its objectives are pursued by actions in seven priority areas:

  • Equality: combat any form of discrimination based on race, religion, culture and economic background and promote equal opportunities for all people
  • Education & Training: promote quality education and lifelong learning for all people. Quality education and lifelong learning enable people to participate fully in society and improve their quality of life
  • Participation: ensure that all people enjoy the full benefits of citizenship; remove barriers to equal participation in public life; promote the provision of quality community-based services
  • Social Protection: promote decent living conditions, combat poverty and social exclusion
  • Health: promote equal access to quality health services and related facilities
  • Availability: make quality goods and services available to all people
  • External Action: promote the constitutional rights of all people.

Our Guiding Principles

 As an organization of people and entities united by our call, we vow to help create change by committing ourselves to the following guiding principles: 
  • To Nurture and Cultivates Understanding - as a 'Gift of the Holy Spirit,' and to
  • Activate Empathy - and help transform people to care about things that really matters; and to
  • Unite People - of all religions, cultural and economical backgrounds, as vibrant and dynamic forces in their communities, incorporating and embracing our call into their everyday lives; and to
  • Be Faithful - to our call and duties, thereby contributing to build an atmosphere that is warm and friendly; and to
  • Affect a Change - in the perception of a nation, a city and its people by the rest of the world.

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