Steering Committees

INTBU is presented in communities by smaller groups called Steering Committees. A Steering Committee is an independent, self-sustainable business entity and is regulated by the INTBU | Management Committee. 
All communities differ greatly in terms of safety, pollutions level, education, community development and other conditions, these all are called the social well being of individuals.

​The Steering Committee identifies the community needs and takes action by encourages people in the community to work together. It covers a series of activities at the community level aimed at bringing about desired improvement in the social well being of individuals, and in doing so... develops co-operative attitudes and practices. A Steering Committee:​ ​​​​

  1. Provides - the community with meaningful humanitarian services; and
  2. Assists - in the accelerating of community development and economic growth through helping, leading, planning, supporting, educating and training.  ​​​  ​​​


List Of National Steering Committees in 197 Countries

Below you'll find a list of National Steering Committees in the Capital Cities of 197 Country. A National Steering Committee is responsible to adopt, develop and establish Community Steering Committees to serve people in their communities.