1. Patricia Davidson
    I found INTBU while browsing the net recently and loved the fact that, not only do they sell my favourite products, but they offer great cashback rewards, a program which allows you to save money and low shipping rates, but they also offer great service. Thanks INTBU, I will definitely order again!
  2. Walter Leonard
    I will never buy anywhere else because your personalised service makes me feel special! Keep up the fantastic customer care!
  3. Paul Christian
    Great service! Had my items dispatched the very same day and I received it not long after, thank you team INTBU!
  4. Jennifer Fields
    It is never too late to learn valuable lessons in life, and that is what I am continually learning as a mentor for INTBU. I am treasuring the connections created with the young ladies, and through them I am discovering self-reflection which clarifies better than any mirror!
  5. Debbie Machlagnan
    Being a mentor with INTBU has given me such insight not only about myself but also about people in today’s world. It is hard sometimes to believe the issues our youth have to deal with at home and at school. Being a mentor with such a great organization such as INTBU is truly a way to give back and make a difference.
  6. Christopher Higgins
    We see that INTBU is committed to its mission of reaching out to all people and helping them grow in confidence and self-worth. Your work flows from the heart and reaches out to touch everyone with whom you comes in contact. Regina High School congratulates you...thank you!
  7. Jackie Williams
    Finding the Real Me program has brought so much to the boys and girls that participated at Garfield Elementary School. The hands-on learning experiences truly engaged them as it empowered them with self-confidence and self-esteem. I am so glad I was able to be a part of them. Thank you, Karen and Tina.
  8. Susan Mccauley
    I've had the pleasure of working with Laura and her crew for the past two years. The quality of her work is unsurpassed by anyone else in the industry. I can honestly say in two years of using her I have never once been disappointed! Thanks so much for your hard work Laura and Anthony!