Promoting Your Back-End Offerings
Your goal in promoting your back-end offer will be to convert front-end customers into life-long customers. This continues the buying relationship and is really where infopreneurs make the most money.
Promotional Methods
Promote through your front-end offer
Once you’re launched your back-end product and it’s available for sale, you want to integrate it into your front-end offering and customer cultivation. As you cultivate your front-end customers, you’re letting them know about the back-end offering you’re working on and when you expect it to be available. Through this cultivation process you’re building anticipation for another product that is going to provide deeper and more specific information or information on a recurring basis.

Since it’s mostly customers who will be receiving your back-end promotion, you can make the promotions more prominent because you know that they really have interest in your product.   At a minimum you want to make sure that every front-end customer is aware of your back-end product.

Paid Advertising
At this point in time you can consider paid advertising if you’ve considered the following questions:

  • Are you leveraging performance marketing to the max?
  • Have you optimized the flow or throughput at each stage?
  • Do you know enough about paid advertising platforms to be certain you will get a return?

If you answered yes to these questions and are set on spending money on paid advertising, there are some important things you should know. 

  • Promote your lead capture offering, not your front-end product.
  • Focus on the end result, not intermediate steps.
  • Calculate the response you need to break even.
  • Track each ad so you know the actual value of the resulting prospect.
  • Run smaller paid advertising campaigns first.
  • Always start with digital paid advertising.
  • Optimize and negotiate your advertising 
Skippers & Collectors
Skippers are prospects who are ready to “pay to get more right now” and don’t want to go through the entire product sampling process. Collectors are prospects that are interested in the topic however; they want to get every piece of information they can get their hands on.

Since we don’t know if each prospect is a skipper or collector, we advise that you make your back-end products available on your website, but you still want the primary focus to be on your lead capture and front-end offerings.
Optimize Your Flow
As effective as the blueprint is, you still want to take steps to improve the flow. It is normal to have some people fallout between stages. Only some of the people who sign-up for your lead capture offer are going to buy your front-end products, and only some of those who buy your front-end product will buy your back-end offer. This is why you want to try and minimize the fallout as much as possible.

You will never get everyone to convert from one stage to the next, but if you can increase the throughput at the various stages by 10%, it will have a big impact on your ability to promote your business moving forward.
Hook Your Subscribers
One of the easiest ways, and most over looked way, to increase the average value of your customer is to get the subscribers of your continuity program to stick around for a long period of time. If you can make improvements that get an average subscriber to double the length of time they stick around, that is worth more to you than a brand new customer.
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