What Is Membership About?

Members are the lifeblood of our organization and vital in enabling us to fulfill our mission and sustain our business. 

Start by Choosing A Membership Type

* Refer Unlimited Friends

First, join our FREE membership program. You'll receive a "Welcome to INTBU" email where you could set a password to login to your personal dashboard.

Secondly, build your referral network by referring your friends to join us. All your referrals will be called your "Direct Referrals," and referrals who were referred by one of your direct referrals will be called your "Indirect Referrals." 

​You'll get rewarded to refer your friends to INTBU.

** Share In The Revenue

Members have a unique value proposition, as they share in the profits from their referrals through the 'Friendship Agreement.' 
As a member you'll receive discounts in the form of cash-back rewards up to 95% from participating partners whilst benefiting from an opportunity to create another income stream for yourself. ​​

What is the Friendship Agreement?

​The 'Friendship Agreement' forms an intergral part of our business and refers to an agreement between "YOU" and the person who has referred you to join INTBU, where you share 25% from your cash-back rewards with your community and your friends. 

How Much Will I Share?

What Should I Do?

Search for your favourite products or service providers on our Marketplace. When you find a product that you like you can decide to either:

  1. buy, or 
  2. share the product or service, 

with your friends on social media and/ or others in your referral network.

When someone sees the shared link and click on it, the visitor will be redirected to the ' Product Pitch Page.

Whenever there is a transaction, our system will track the affiliate who referred the sale, and reward the affiliate with a share in the profit.

​It's that simple!
Lets assume the retail price for the product is $50 with a cost price of $10. The profit is $40. 

1). Community Support Account (CSA):

  • $6 (15%) from the $40 profit will be allocated to the Community Support Account (CSA). Learn more ...

2). Loyalty Cashback Program:

  • $30 (75%) from the $40 profit will be given back to the person who purchase the product. Learn more ...

​3). Friendship Agreement:

  • $4 (10%) from the $40 profit will be shared equally with the person who has referred the sale and his upline up to 10 Tiers. E.G. $0.40 (1%) each. 

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