The Mentoring Process

The Mentoring Process refers to a set of activities that interact to achieve a specific goal. These activities is designed to help people help themselves to live the life they want, with satisfaction and free of stress, burnout, anxiety or depression.
Our activities will help you:

  • discover your skills and new solutions to problems.
  • explore opportunities & which choices do help you and which don’t.
  • repeat the best solutions until they become spontaneous habits.
  • anchor those habits until you can prevent relapses

So that you will again:

  • be satisfied and enjoy your life.
  • be able to help others and make them feel happy.
  • live your life the way you want.

The Goal

The Journey

The goal is known only to the individual. This person has chosen his/her goal. The goal is very specific and is set in the future, and it represents the persons’ own interpretation of his needs in relation to the community.

Life will begin when the person reach his goal, and to ensure that this new life will continue and not be cut short, the person will seek assistance and expert advice from specialists who can provide the sort of assistance which will give the person a decided competitive edge and high percentage probability of success.

The journey refers to the implementation of the person’s personal and very specific strategy, which is determined by the goal, which has been chosen after interpreting his/her own needs for the future.

The journey is set in the present and it represents an important and serious and expensive and yet acknowledged investment by the individual and his friends in the community, for which they will be properly and comprehensively equipped to assume worthwhile and productive roles.


Fulfillment will be accomplished when the individual lives a peaceful life in harmony with others in the community and assume a productive role by embracing the needs of others.

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