Profit Share Account

Members have a unique value proposition, as they share in the profits of their referrals.
​The 'Profit Share Account' refers to an agreement between INTBU and its members who share 25% from their cash-back rewards with their friends and their communities. This agreement is called the "Friendship Agreement." 

​Members get rewarded to refer their friends to join INTBU. 

Build Your Referral Network

How Does It Work?

Friendship Agreement

You search for your favourite products on our Marketplace and decided to buy or to share this product on your Facebook Group.

Another member in the group sees the shared product and decided to click on the link.

The visitor will be redirected to the ' Product Pitch Page' where they can purchase the product or decide to share the product with some of their family and friends. 

Lets assume the retail price for the product is $50 with a cost price of $10. You'll receive the $40 (80%) as a cash back. The cash-back will be distributed as follows:

  • $6 (15%) from the $40 (80%) will be allocated to the Community Support Account.  

  • $30 (75%) from the $40 (80%) will be given as a cash back to the person who purchase the product. 

  • $4 (10%) from the $40 (80%) will be shared with the person who has referred the sale and his upline up to 10-tiers. E.G. $0.40 (1%) each.