INTBU | Partnership Program

Everyone starts small, but with the right partner, you can execute big plans. Our business solutions empower you to grow your business. You know your business. We’ll help you grow it.
As an INTBU Partner, you'll be presented with new resources, solutions, valuable opportunities, and with a state-of-the-art platform that will help you advance your business in the right direction.

The most common business advice that we hear, is “sell solutions, not products”.

Everyone tries to make their product or service sound like a solution, by simply adding the word solution to its description. This is not the answer, and causes confusion.
For something to be considered a solution it must deliver a positive business outcome. A positive business outcome can only be calculated if it can be measured against a predetermined goal and some kind of baseline data

Before we can determine the right solution for our partners we must first understand their challenges and devise a combination of products and services to address these, measure our results, and finally prove that we have delivered an effective solution.​​

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