Friendship Agreement

Members have a unique value proposition, as they share in the profits of their referrals.
​The 'Friendship Agreement' refers to an agreement between INTBU and its members who share 25% from their cash-back rewards with their friends and their communities. ​Members get rewarded to refer their friends to join INTBU. 

How To Build Your Referral Network

How Does It Work?

How Much Will I Make?

Search for your favourite products on our Marketplace and either:

  1. buy or
  2. share the product on Social Media.

Someone else sees the product and click on the shared link. The visitor will be redirected to the ' Product Pitch Page' where they can: 

  1. buy or
  2. share the product on Social Media. 

NOTE: If anybody decide to buy a product shared by you, you'll share in the profit from the sale. 
Lets assume the retail price for the product is $50 with a cost price of $10. The profit is $40. 

Community Support Account (CSA):

  • $6 (15%) from the $40 profit will be allocated to the Community Support Account (CSA). Learn more ...

Loyalty Cashback Program:

  • $30 (75%) from the $40 profit will be given back to the person who purchase the product. Learn more ...

Friendship Agreement:

  • $4 (10%) from the $40 profit will be shared equally with the person who has referred the sale and his upline up to 10 Tiers. E.G. $0.40 (1%) each. 
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