Community Outreach Projetcs
  1. Child & Youth Care
    Child & Youth Care
    We supports healthy, early childhood & youth development programs.
  2. Rehabilitation Education
    Rehabilitation Education
    We rehabilitate and educate families to restore their educational, social, psychological & emotional needs.
  3. Food Donations
    Food Donations
    We, through the help of our 'Worldwide Support Network' feed more than 2 million families daily.
  4. Volunteering
    We volunteer in any community project where the project aims to uplift the community infrastructure.
  5. Discriminatory Graffiti
    Discriminatory Graffiti
    We raise up and repaint against any graffiti that discriminates against any person based on race, gender or religion.
  6. Community Cleanup
    Community Cleanup
    We aim to keep our communities clean for families to enjoy the outdoors and encourage them not to litter,